Write a green advert about the use of the cloth bag below

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Write a green advert about the use of the cloth bag below

This form of marketing has been around for several years and is based around the idea of using the bag as an opportunity to market to new potential customers and set up ambient advertising. Below are some really creative ambient advertising examples where advertisers have actually thought outside the bag and utilized the whole object.

Unlike billboardscreative stickers or other forms of ads, these bags travel and have a wide audience. Let us know which one is your favorite by commenting below!

write a green advert about the use of the cloth bag below

Lipton Clear Green Tea bag: Carry Bag The carry bag was designed in a form of an actual lipton clear green tea bag. A pack of lipton clear green tea was kept in it with hoola hoop and was handed to the ladies in the malls as a giveaway.

Laundry Bag Takeover Advertising Agency: Shahir Zag Creative Director: Ash Chagla Account manager: George Ninan Account Director: Nadine ghossoub Botanique Slimming Cream: Anthony Wong Art Director: The goal was to increase visibility of Volkswagen during the Paris Motor show.

Drain as much traffic towards Volkswagen as possible competition is fierce on motorshows. At the entrance of the show, we gave all visitors a fun and eye-catching bag to draw attention to the brand. Many visitors used the bag during the whole time of the show and the Volkswagen corner was truly overcrowded in comparison with previous years.

Most part of the visitors kept the bag after the tradeshow and brought even more visibility to the brand. Christian Vince Art Director: Special bags that combined Electricitips or information on how to save electricity and ways to practice smart electrical consumption were given away during Christmas bazaars and Meralco mall events.

The campaign participated in Christmas Bazaars in 29 days.

write a green advert about the use of the cloth bag below

A total of 2, people visited the booth and answered the survey. Michael Cheung Art Director: So, hair extensions were attached to bags as handles. Gert Maehnicke Clothes in Closets: Chacho Puebla Art Director: Pedro Ribeiro Account director:Phoenix, Arizona. – Jesse Jones had the deck stacked against him at the recent SCORE Tecate Baja “We lost first gear in the transmission right out of the gate during qualifying,” Jones shared.

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