The lonely crossing of juan cabrera

Martin's Press publishes The Lonely Crossing of Juan Cabrera in February, it will mark the first time a major publisher has marketed a new novel in both English and Spanish versions for a North American audience.

The lonely crossing of juan cabrera

Powell's Three men flee Castro's Cuba in on a makeshift raft bound for Florida in this harrowing, taut yet lyrical first novel. Fraxedas, who escaped Communist Cuba at the age of 10 and now practices law in Orlando, has flown rescue missions to pick up Cuban raft people, and he puts his firsthand knowledge to good use.

The protagonist, physics professor Juan Cabrera, watches helplessly as gunmen on a Cuban patrol boat fatally shoot one of his two companions; later, his other mate is devoured by a shark in a terrifyingly real scene. Other scenes introduce Juan's girlfriend Carmen, an artist who once worked for Castro's propaganda machine but recently defected to Miami, where we are introduced to an assortment of Cuban exiles aching with longing for their homeland.

The main focus, however, is on Juan's inner struggle to overcome his massive guilt for decades of silent accommodating a tyrannical regime.

Flashbacks graphically reenact the Bay of Pigs invasion, showing how CIA officiers' condescension toward Cuban recruits contributed to disaster.CHOOSING A BOOK: Below are possible titles for you to choose from. These are contemporary titles, so Juan Rulfo Pedro Paaramo Novel Juan Cabrera The Lonely Crossing of Juan Cabrera Novel Ernesta Garlaza Barrio Boy Novel Corpi, Lucha.

The lonely crossing of juan cabrera

Cárdenas as Seen from Space. The wind that always blows from the east, off the coast of Africa, strokes the warm surface of the tropical Atlantic.

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The water yields to the constant wind and follows it westward across the ocean. (THE LONELY CROSSING OF JUAN CABRERA, J.

The lonely crossing of juan cabrera

Joaquin Fraxedas, St. Martin's Press, ) NASA photo #STS The Lonely Crossing Of Juan Cabrera: A Novel Weimar Institute's NEWSTART® Lifestyle Cookbook: More Than Heart-Healthy Recipes Featuring Whole Plant Foods James Garner's Motoring Life: Grand Prix The Movie, Baja, The Rockford Files, And More An Old Captivity SUFI LIGHT, THE SECRET OF MEDITATION.

The Lonely Crossing of Juan Cabrera by J.


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