Starbucks stakeholder analysis

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Get Access Starbucks Stakeholder Analysis Essay Sample Over the past four decades, Starbucks has become the undisputed leader when it comes to the retail, coffee business. With being the leader in a multinational industry, Starbucks understands that it has to manage and maintain its relationships with all its stakeholders in order to continue its reign on coffee. In the most generic form of stakeholder groups, Starbucks has an effect on its Employees, Customers, Community, Suppliers, Shareholders, Government, and Competitors.

Starbucks stakeholder analysis

The company is an advocate of CSR movements, especially those pertaining to sustainability in business. In the context of corporate social responsibility, Starbucks needs to account for the demands or interests of stakeholders, because the company is viewed not just as an organization for profit, but also as a citizen of society.

Thus, the firm must contribute to the improvement of society. Starbucks has already implemented various corporate social responsibility programs for its stakeholders. Starbucks is effective in its corporate social responsibility efforts, although more effort is needed with regard to the stakeholder group of coffee farmers, as well as the issues of youth rates and tax avoidance in some regions.

Employees baristas, partners Suppliers supply firms, coffee farmers Environment Investors Governments Employees.

Starbucks prioritizes employees in its corporate social responsibility efforts. As stakeholders, employees typically demand for better working conditions, job security and higher wages.

Starbucks stakeholder analysis

Employees are also given wages above the legally mandated minimum wage. InStarbucks boosted its CSR performance for this stakeholder group by giving scholarships to employees based on a partnership with Arizona State University. In some countries like New Zealand, Starbucks gives very low wages to juvenile workers youth rates.

These youth rates are often criticized. The firm can improve its corporate social responsibility performance by addressing such issue in this stakeholder group. Starbucks considers customers as among its top stakeholders. The interests of this stakeholder group are high quality service and products, such as coffee and related beverages.

For example, warm and friendly relations are emphasized within the company and in how baristas interact with customers. Starbucks suppliers are composed of wholesale supply firms and coffee farmers.

The main interest of this stakeholder group is compensation and a growing demand from Starbucks. Farmers aim to increase coffee yield to generate more revenues. Starbucks addresses the interests of these stakeholders through a number of corporate social responsibility programs.

Starbucks has corporate social responsibility programs for environmentally sound business. This significant figure shows that Starbucks is effective in addressing its corporate social responsibility to this stakeholder group, although there is room for improvement.

As in any business, Starbucks must address investors as stakeholders.Porter's Generic Strategies 'Stakeholders; these are individuals and/or groups who are affected by or affect the performance of the organisation in which they have an interest.' -Worthington and Britton () p.

& Low power & low level of interest: McDonald's Dunkin' Brands. Analysis of Starbucks’ CSR Performance for Stakeholders Starbucks has high corporate social responsibility performance in addressing the interests of most of its stakeholders.

The company satisfies most of the concerns of stakeholder groups like customers, employees, suppliers, the . Sep 10,  · Press Releases get your corporate social responsibility news and information out to journalists, Starbucks Engages Stakeholders on its Coffee Purchasing Guidelines. Submitted by: Starbucks Corporation facilitated the stakeholder session.

Starbucks Stakeholder Relations Introduction As the market leader in the retail coffee industry, Starbucks is a multinationalcorporation that manages many different publics in different regions of the world.

Stakeholder Analysis, September 1. Stakeholder AnalysisSTARBUCKS COFFEE GB Corporate Social Responsibility Catherine Tedrick Kaplan University September 20, Starbucks besides has an ethical duty to its planetary community sing how it continues the sustainable development of the environment in order to fulfill the current and future stakeholder’s bets.

These duties are hopefully satisfied through the enacted schemes and actions taken by Starbucks.

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