Paperseed buttermilk chocolate cake

Chocolate Cake A good chocolate cake recipe is so hard to come by, just like a good brownie recipe.

Paperseed buttermilk chocolate cake

And how many birthday cakes does a baker need? Now that I take a step back and really look at my recipes over time, I think this is something that intrigues me even more than creating crazy cakes.

And while I do love cake-craziness and new-technique challenges, etc. Nothing major, just a small change with the fats I substituted a small amount of the butter for vegetable oil to see what would happen.

Chocolate Buttermilk Cake Recipe -

I feel as though the oil definitely adds a touch of moisture but of course the primary taste is the buttery, buttermilky vanilla-ness that makes this cake as comforting and tender on its own as it is smothered in big fat swirls of frosting.

I know it can get confusing when there are so many versions floating around, so I wanted to point that out. So yes, where were we? Oh yes—big fat swirls of frosting.

Paperseed buttermilk chocolate cake

This oversized-border look is one of the quickest and most-pleasing decorating techniques did I mention speedy? The white nonpareils are clean, pretty and kinda charming if I do say so, haha. A simple piped full circle and fluid pull to the right, release and repeat is all it takes.

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For added billowiness, we repeat the whole border directly on top, which creates a swirl that makes people have to consciously remind themselves to not stick their finger straight in it.

The sour cream only balances out the sweetness, so anytime you have a super-sweet frosting, give it a try—it works like a dream. Consistency-wise, I would liken this frosting to a canned frosting you know, the ones we used to eat straight from the tub.

I love the gloss, and that oh-sos shade of chocolate. I love this super-fine crumb with its vanilla specks and buttery texture. And dare I say this cake gets better by day 2 today!

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Everything kind of melds together, and the classic vanilla bean flavour seems to blossom. Print Buttermilk Birthday Cake with Malted Chocolate Frosting Tender, moist layers of vanilla bean buttermilk cake filled and frosted with a gloriously smooth malted chocolate frosting and topped with a flurry of white nonpareils.Buttermilk Sheet Cake with Chocolate Fudge Frosting by This is a dessert that will appeal to anyone that loves cake, and especially those that love yellow cake!

Perfect with a glass of milk or a fresh cup of coffee or tea, it is one of those desserts that tops off any great meal.

Let me tell you. this is the only chocolate cake recipe I ever make! I love it! Moist, full of chocolate flavour, and holds a perfect shape.

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The coffee definitely does something in this cake. The PaperSeed Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to strengthening educational opportunities for children and young people in underserved . In a large measuring cup, combine buttermilk, oil, reserved orange juice and vanilla.

Add flour mixture in three parts alternately with buttermilk mixture and butter mixture, beginning and ending with flour. Chocolate cake recipes, including devil's food, molten chocolate cake, flourless chocolate cake, red velvet chocolate cake, and more from Martha Stewart.

Nothing will satisfy a chocolate craving better than one of these delicious chocolate cakes, from classic devil's food to . Every baker needs a homemade buttermilk chocolate cake in their recipe file, but many of them are too dry or too bitter. Give this version a try and you’ll be so glad you did.

Paperseed buttermilk chocolate cake

Truly moist, just a hint of coffee for a richer flavor and the perfect chocolate frosting.

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