Online recruitment dissertation

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Online recruitment dissertation

As you can see that we have tried to capture almost every information which is required before we start our hiring process. All above fields are self explanatory, hence I am not going to describe about them in detail but Online recruitment dissertation, I would surely like to describe about last field in the list i.

Many times there are very specific conditions which are not captured in any of the field hence hiring manager can mention such requirements here.

For example, If hiring manager wants that the perspective candidate must have not changes more than 2 companies in last 5 years or candidate should have own conveyance etc.

You can simply create a spread sheet to do so. Here are the information you should maintain in that spread sheet. This is unique code which you should assign to each requisition raised. In case hiring manager mention more than one position in MR format then separate MR Code should be issued.

This is time frame which you have pre defined to close any position. For Example, you can keep following TAT depending upon position to hire: This field captures status of each MR Requisition i. Finding suitable candidate and sending details to hiring manager Once hiring related information is available with recruiter, recruiter can start the sourcing process.

I will not talk about various sources by which recruiter can source candidate as I am assuming that you must be aware about it. Once a suitable candidate is found and interested, recruiter need to forward the details of candidate to hiring manager. I would suggest that before lining up the candidate for face to face interview it will be wise that resume of candidate along with his suitability against each parameter given by Hiring Manager in MR Format should be sent to hiring manager.

This saves time of HR, hiring manager and candidate.

Online recruitment dissertation

Also if possible, telephonic round should be arranged to ensure hiring manager can judge further suitability on technical aspects before Face to Face round.

I have experience that chance of selection during Face to Face interview of candidate who has been screened and shortlisted through resume and telephonic round is very higher as compared to candidate who is aligned directly for face to face interview.

While sending resume to manager to check suitability, you should ensure followings: Example, if the minimum experience required is 5 years then what is the experience of the candidate you have sourced.

Online recruitment dissertation

Similarly information against each parameter should be mentioned. This will help a lot in ensuring that you are not hiring a wrong person and you have checked all required parameters before sending it to hiring manager. A Recruiter work on various positions at one time and with this kind of format in place, it will help recruiter to ensure that recruiter has checked all the parameter required for the position hence less chances of rejection of candidate.

Do not forget assuming that hiring manager will revert some day and then you will process further. If required take your seniors in loop to get the feedback on time. You need to ensure that you communicate about each and every update to all the party involved including candidate.

For Example, When telephonic round is confirmed then communicating date and time of telephonic round to both hiring manager and candidate. For example, first thing in the morning, you should call candidates who are lined up for interview so that you can share current status with hiring manager i.

Finalizing candidate Once candidate is finalized by all concern managers then following process should be followed: Always ask salary proof from candidates. There are many cases where candidate do forge their current salary and one of the major lie people tell about their current pay package is the cash salary for which proof cannot be produced.

I follow a set process to ensure that probability of person forging salary is very low. As salary proof, I always ask for Salary slip and Bank Statement where entry of that salary transfer can be seen.

I do not consider cash salary payout at all. Also candidate needs to send acceptance copy of resignation, where date of relieving is mentioned. By doing so, you are minimizing the risk of candidate not joining you.

You can work on back up arrangement, if required. All such things should be in written and take written acceptance from candidate.The Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC) is a nonprofit, educational association of journalism and mass communication educators, students and .

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