Jesus creed response paper

The word is used in both the and the version, but in the version it was moved to a different location a few words earlier. Here are the two versions side by side, both in the original Greek and in English translation.

Jesus creed response paper

One of my Advanced classes is using it to write a response paper to The Screwtape Letters, so over three days we watched it, with some debriefing every day. In this class of ten, several students could relate to various aspects of the film. One young man had been in similar churches and experiences for the first eight years of his life.

One of my Ethiopian girls was from a Pentecostal church in her country.

Jesus creed response paper

One of my American girls was homeschooled on and off for several years. Others had heard various sermons that reminded them of the rhetoric in Jesus Camp. I have, of course, been around youth camps, youth rallies and youth events my entire life as a Christian and a minister.

I grew up in a church that used high pressure evangelism tactics several times a year.


Still, much of the Jesus Camp experience was strange to me. I had so many reactions to the film that it would take five posts to record them all in detail. I felt there was a lot of sympathy for the sincerity of those working with the children and for the faith of the children themselves.

There were points that I felt the camera was making a large difference in the subjective impressions of what was being seen and heard. This absolutely included the Ted Haggard segment, but also some of the scenes involving Levi, who clearly loves the camera. One never really knows how much production and editing, and the camera itself, have changed the overall dynamics.

Becky wants to control the culture and to have Christians in charge of government, even though she says nothing will be perfect till Christ returns. There was no sense that our fallenness is a problem for governing and shaping culture. Her response to the diversity that challenges our culture is to have Christians controlling the government and punishing unbelievers.

Where is the rest of the planet? My Ethiopian students found this rather amazing. It makes me sad to hear this kind of rhetoric echoed from many good men who ought to know better.

Discipleship is Jesus shaped. The strategy of using highly emotional issues and highly emotional tactics creates some real concerns for me in the area of manipulation.

As a public speaker and communicator, I understand how to push buttons and fan resentments and fears into motivation.Home > Thoughts On Jesus Camp. Thoughts On Jesus Camp. 10 Apr by iMonk. I have purposely avoided watching Jesus Camp until this week.

One of my Advanced classes is using it to write a response paper to The Screwtape Letters, so over three days we watched it, Mike Glenn, Jesus Creed • . Did Jesus provide for the continuing transmission of the Christian faith?

What a simple and foundational question! And yet, oddly, it is one that Protestant apologists rarely ask.

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A Covenant Resource Paper is a teaching document designed to provide context and clarity for Covenant churches on critical issues of concern in matters of faith, doctrine, and conduct.

Resource papers: Seek to apply biblical teaching to critical issues in the context of the historical character and ongoing missional identity of the Evangelical Covenant Church.

Theological Seminary LEAD Formation and Mission Jeff Knight 11/26/ “Jesus Creed” Response Paper The Jesus Creed has really helped me to look at Scripture from what I believe is a more biblical and Jesus centered perspective.

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