I didnt do my homework slips

No one is totally happy with their system, but here were some common themes. We were all more concerned that students attempted the problems. Several of us give the students the answers when assigning homework. I like them to check their answers as they work so they know when if they are doing it correctly.

I didnt do my homework slips

The school much like a lot of hagwons has poor organisation and will rarely take responsibility for their actions. In addition we worked on a daily basis from 9 to 6 and would after work prepare for the next day up until 1 am in the morning every single night, every morning our performance would be observed and we would be constantly met with harsh criticism.

R Academy Jul 29 at 1: I can't even begin to tell you why the school was so terrible. But for starters we can say I was hired with the school under one name under one director, and when I arrived, without notice the school's name was changed and I had a new director.

Contract was signed under the old school name and director, never renewed it.

I didnt do my homework form

Then halfway through that school year I got my third new director. Also I went through two Vice directors as well. So that should just give you an indication right there of how poorly run the school is.

One actually left three months in because he already knew what this was going to be and he did the smart thing. Also the majority of the Korean staff quit as well. Only 3 of the 9 or 10 Korean teachers stayed as well.

Along with multiple Administration staff members either being fired or quit throughout the year, most of them did not make it. Went through 3 librarians and 3 gym teachers as well in one year.

1st LATE HOMEWORK SLIP Name: _____ Date: _____ Subject: _____ Describe late assignment: _____ _____ It’s late because: (check one). May 19,  · The No Homework Binder: How to Document the Excuses! not to mention teachers when we have to deal with the million excuses as to why the homework didn't get done the next day. I like this idea, but like Kelly T said, I have some implementation issues. i have done slips in the past (3 to a page), I am going to use . The No Homework, “Responsibility Binder” Then, I had students fill out this yellow slip when they didn’t do their homework. This was a great idea, as I never had to “record” who didn’t do their homework. I just collected the yellow sheets and then recorded it at the end of the trimester. This took almost no time and was a record.

This place like many others, was extremely confusing and no direct instructions. We just had to go with the flow and hope everything was correct.

How to drive without a license. is an aspect of sovereignty that many people want to learn. Can you legally drive without a license? What is the difference between driving and traveling? Is driving a . The No Homework, “Responsibility Binder” Then, I had students fill out this yellow slip when they didn’t do their homework. This was a great idea, as I never had to “record” who didn’t do their homework. I just collected the yellow sheets and then recorded it at the end of the trimester. This took almost no time and was a record. HOMEWORK SLIP (Completed by student) Name: _____ Date: _____ Assignment: _____ therefore, it is a "late assignment." I forgot to do the assignment I did not have the appropriate materials at home to complete the assignment LATE HOMEWORK (Completed by parent) Dear Parent(s), The attached assignment was due today. .

The good thing was nobody was really in my business and if I messed up I didn't really get reprimanded because nobody was there to either care or notice. Of course I didn't try to mess up but when it happened I did not fear for anything so it was good for me but perhaps not-so-great staff-wise for how the school is run.

The director himself seems like he came from California straight off the beach with his attitude.

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I had a disagreement with him once whenever I was sick and it was so awkward because we were standing in the hallway and it kind of felt like I was breaking up with a boyfriend versus talking to my boss about wanting to go to the doctor because when I approached him he is never available to talk to anyone, if he is even actually at work after finally finding him after days of looking he just stood there awkwardly like he didn't know what to say and I was thinking You are my boss you're supposed to be the one in charge, I'm coming to you with an issue and we need to work it out.

The school went through way too many changes way too fast, they got bought out by a company about three months into the school year last year in and did not report it for the teachers, so whenever I change to my school that I'm currently at this year I almost got in trouble because they claimed I did not report my change of school even though I never changed schools.

They wanted to fine me, but I told them I stayed at the same school for the entire year and my tax form had showed two different payments so I personally assumed that the school had been bought out but I was NEVER formally told that.

Poly Mokdong campus, Seoul July 28,6: This campus was the most unprofessional workplace I have ever witnessed.

Management was unprofessional and they took every question or inquiry personal. It was taboo to ask questions or to question management's way of doing things.

They catered to parents to a point that is detrimental towards the learning process. They WILL try to push you out before your contract ends in order to avoid paying you. They do this by making you do 5 hours of lesson planning outside of work hours. The reason why this is worrisome is because you already work 11 hours a day.

One of the perks was that you didn't need to lesson plan because the schedule was already written for you. If they do this to you, they are pushing you out.

I saw them do this to at least 5 teachers. One of them had a legit mental breakdown from the stress the school was giving her and from them trying to push her out.

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They will also have regular meetings where they will belittle everything you do and threaten to fire you if you don't work extra hours prepping at home or correcting books. This is another tactic to push you out so they can keep their money. They will try and suck every penny out of you.

i didnt do my homework slips

Throwing up, stick your head in a bucket. Sick with meningitis or broken a bone, be back to work within the week or they will replace you. They are petty, and unprofessional. The pay is alluring but the mental strain is not worth it. If you care about maintaining your well-being, look elsewhere.

Most teachers don't finish their yearly contracts here because they find it so unbearable.SAVE your work, but to do this you need to have Adobe Acrobat installed on your computer (older versions are ok). The Teacher’s Binder: World’s largest collection of often used classroom forms.

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i didnt do my homework slips

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