How are audiences positioned in submarine

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How are audiences positioned in submarine

When the third option was chosen, the composition was admittedly never at the caliber of one they would sing themselves and definitely not one that would be destined to be released as a single. The time spent in the recording studio working on the song would always be minimal as well.

In fact, enthusiasm was high quite possibly in the chemical sense as well while it was being recorded, much time being spent in getting it just right. They even enlisted friends and loved ones to help in the recording process.

I think John helped out; the lyrics get more and more obscure as it goes on but the chorus, melody and verses are mine. I helped with the blunderbuss bit.

Donovan helped with the lyrics. We used to love that. As a result, there was a lot of clowning around that evening — silliness that George Martin would not have tolerated — and so rehearsals took up a lot more time than the session itself.

But eventually they settled down and began recording the backing track. On record it was faded out. This tape reduction then became take five.

Onto this, the main vocals of the song were recorded. One final vocal overdub was recorded before the evening was over. John Lennon describes this day by saying: Even though we spent hours and hours putting it together, the whole idea was eventually scrapped.

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The Beatles met up with some friends for dinner who also received a special invitation. They were all dressed in the finest Carnaby Street outfits, the women in miniskirts and flowing blouses, the men in purple bell-bottoms and fur jackets.

The whole marijuana-influenced scene that evening was completely zany, straight out of a Marx Brothers movie. The entire EMI collection of percussion instruments and sound effects boxes were strewn all over the studio, with people grabbing bells and whistles and gongs at random.

To simulate the sound of a submerging, John grabbed a straw and began blowing bubbles into a glass — fortunately, I was able to move a mic nearby in time to record it for posterity. We filled it with water, got some old chains and swirled them around.

It worked really well. The raucous atmosphere of this recording session was actually simulated during the second verse of the song. The ambience around his voice was just perfect, and that was the way that all those bits happened.

How are audiences positioned in submarine

Although the record sounds quite produced, it was actually spur of the moment — John and the others were just out there having a good time. Somehow it worked, though, despite the chaos. The chaos was controlled, however, by someone who was experienced in how to do it well.

In fact, I had recorded him repeating the first two lines also, but a few days later, Phil McDonald accidentally erased the beginning of them — one of the few times his usually accurate drop-in skills failed him.

How are audiences positioned in submarine

From his station in the machine room, he got on the intercom and let George and me know of his gaffe while The Beatles were out of earshot. I could hear the distress in his voice and could sympathize — almost every assistant had made a similar mistake at one time or another.

Another interesting feature of the song that appeared during this session was the brass band that is introduced by Ringo at the end of the second verse with the words: That same library was to be put to good use later that night, when it came time to add a solo to the song.

So instead, he came up with an ingenious solution — one that, with the passage of time, he has apparently forgotten. The end result should have been random, but, somehow, when I pieced it back together, it came back nearly the same way it had been in the first place!

No one could believe their ears; we were all thoroughly amazed. But by this point, it was very late at night and we were running out of time — and patience — so George had me simply swap over two of the pieces and we flew it into the multitrack master, being careful to fade it out quickly.

Another sound effect reportedly fetched from the EMI library on this day was the sound of a cash register, the same exact sound effect that would eventually wind up on Pink Floyd's song "Money" seven years later, their album "Dark Side Of The Moon" also being recorded at EMI Studios.

Briefly heard with discerning ears during the instrumental section of "Yellow Submarine," this effect seems quite unusual for its context. I don't know of too many submarines that are equipped with cash registers. Five mono mixes were made on this day, presumably the fifth being the released version for the mono album and single.

As for the stereo placement of the elements, all the lead and harmony vocals are completely in the right channel while the rhythm track is entirely in the left channel.The following civilian credentials are related to CSS-Culinary Specialist Submarine.

These credentials may require additional education, training or experience. National endorsements can be used for positions including passenger for hire vessels, charter boats, offshore supply vessels, tow boats and domestic operations.

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Sometimes a cover song was chosen for him, sometimes he himself chose a cover song to perform, and sometimes a song was written especially for . As one of the most popular art forms in the world today, films are a medium that draw in audiences of millions around the globe, year in, year out.


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