Fun in class writing activities

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Fun in class writing activities

fun in class writing activities

See results Original Origins This is a really fun game if you have a creative class. It might not work so well for a class that hates to talk, but then again, this might just be the push they need to get going!

Absolutely none, although a whiteboard is helpful. Think of a few "deep" or difficult questions that most people can't really answer, things like, "Why is the sky blue?

The chicken or the egg? Play in teams or individually, depending on what better suits your class. The purpose of the game is to answer the questions. The only rule is that the students can not give the actual answer to the question if they know it!

fun in class writing activities

They must create the most entertaining and original answer they can think of. The more outside-the-box they get, the better. Give them about 15 minutes to work on their answers.

Once the time is up, bring everyone back together and have students take turns presenting answers to the class. They get points for presentation, originality, and creativity. When everyone has finished presenting, you can either pick the winner yourself or have the class vote on who they thought created the best answer for each question.

It's a fun game and it really tests their English. It's basically a quiz game with a twist that makes it even more enjoyable for the students. One soft ball one that won't do any damage if thrown around a classrooma whiteboard, and pre-made question cards. Before the lesson, prepare questions of varying difficulty in at least five categories.

Categories I often use are: Geography questions about the worldgrammar they must correct a sentencesynonyms they must provide a synonym for a wordgeneral knowledge I just find odd facts on the Internet for this oneand acting you give the student a word or sentence, they must act it out without making a sound for their team to guess.

You can design your own categories so you can manipulate the game however you wish, depending on the language and skill level that you want to target. You will need four questions per category, ranging in difficulty from easy to hard.

So once you have your questions ready, draw a jigsaw map on the board with five big pieces, and assign one of your categories to each piece.

In the center of each space, write the name of the category, and surround it with the numbers 1, 2, 3, and 4.

Divide the students into two teams, and give one team the ball to start with. They must throw the ball at the board to select a category. This makes it harder for them to pick the category they are comfortable with, and they have fun throwing the ball in the classroom.

Once they have a category selected, ask them how many points they will play for; they get to select a number from If for some reason their team can't answer the question, or they get it wrong, the other team then gets a chance to steal the points if they can answer it correctly.

It's fun, and all you have to do is sit back and ask the questions.Since the skills for reading and writing reinforce one another, your child's skills and proficiency in reading and writing will be strengthened if you help your child connect reading to writing and writing to reading.

Activity Artful artists. Children love to be creative when it comes to drawing, and illustrations add visual imagery to stories. Find and save ideas about Classroom activities on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Teaching ideas, Fun writing activities and Writing activities.

Find and save ideas about Classroom activities on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Teaching ideas, Fun writing activities and Writing activities. Education. Classroom activities; Classroom.

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Informal, in-class writing activities Pamela Flash Informal, exploratory writing, when assigned regularly, can lead students to develop insightful, critical, and creative thinking.

In-Class Activities Rather than setting aside large blocks of time to talk about writing, most WR courses integrate writing and discussions of writing into the regular activities of the course. Almost any attention you pay to writing during class time will do double duty: it will help students understand the material more deeply, and it will.

Writing activities. Average: (55 votes) Submitted 48 years 11 months ago by admin. On these pages you will find ideas for classroom activities which involve writing. Author: Jo Budden. Latest writing activity.

Text lingo. Many of our teenage students now have mobile phones and enjoy sending text messages to each other.

This. Apr 11,  · This collection of fun games and role play activities for English language teachers should arouse some enthusiasm after a vocabulary drill or new grammar study.

As the sequel to the previous article 10 Fun Classroom Activities to Help Students Practice Speaking English, these exercises are aimed at Reviews:

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