Editorial writing about election 2013 philippines

This Board presided over the judging process that resulted in the winners and finalists. Her book The World of Prometheus: The Politics of Punishing in Democratic Athens examines the theory and practice of punishment in classical Athens as it affected both the intellectual elite and ordinary citizens.

Editorial writing about election 2013 philippines

The Philippine General Election will still be showing on May 13, yet but thepreview you are presenting to the audience is quite heavy. It has a plot thicker than a telenovela, fight scenes hotter than an action movie, and song and dance numbers that could make your own mothers cringe at embarrassment.

I know most of you would rather not do these especially the last one but you do it just the same because that is how it has always been in Philippine politics. I wonder if it is possible to tap into your hearts and ask that you be a proponent of positive change in our local politics.

I wonder if there is still space in your minds to consider the better good of the country over the preservation of your family political dynasties.

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I wonder if you have measured yourself and found yourself fit to serve the Filipino people. I wonder… For if you measured yourself and found that you are wanting, you should do the Filipino people a favor and withdraw your candidacy.

If you find yourself measuring up to the standards of an ideal candidate, I challenge you to do everything to win. Fight with all your might to prevail because the Filipino people needs you.

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Just take care to fight without lowering your moral standards and become one of those who found themselves wanting. You must be surrounded now by supporters who tell you that you cannot lose.

Please do not be one of those whose minds get too conditioned to winning that it becomes difficult to accept defeat with honor. You can always serve the people in some other capacity if you really want to.

editorial writing about election 2013 philippines

I refuse to accept the view that there are no more good politicians left in the Philippines. I refuse, even if faced with overwhelming evidence of such proposition.

I continue to hope that there are people within your ranks that have the best interest of the people in mind. I beg you to prove me right so that the flicker of hope will not die together with the usual casualties of election.

In behalf of the Filipino people who continue to hope.The Commission on Elections (Comelec) asked for a budget of P35 billion for the holding of the presidential elections, but was given only P billion from the Department of Budget and Management.

This has left it with limited options, Comelec officials yunusemremert.com will have make do with the 80, The latest opinion pieces, op-eds, and news commentary. Opinion Election wins for women go beyond numbers Editorial cartoons on anything and everything.

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Extrajudicial killings and forced disappearances in the Philippines are illegal executions – unlawful or felonious killings – and forced disappearances in the Philippines.

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