Basis of the case study

This may be an individual or a group report. Whatever the situation, there are certain guidelines to follow in writing a case analysis that will improve the evaluation your work will receive from your instructor. Before we discuss these guidelines and before you use them, make sure that they do not conflict with any directions your instructor has given you. The structure of your written report is critical.

Basis of the case study

When selecting the research method it is usually advisable to consider whether you can base your work on an earlier theoretical model. Sometimes a model, even a preliminary one, can help your work decisively, and in such a case it will also affect the logical process of analysis.

There are three alternatives which are discussed in more detail later on: Exploratory Research Research is exploratory when you use no earlier model as a basis of your study. The most usual reason for using this approach is that you have no other choice.

Normally you would like to take an earlier theory as a support, but there perhaps is none, or all available models come from wrong contexts. On the other hand, even when there is relevant theory and models, sometimes you may prefer not to use them.

Reasons for this can be: Your goal is to document the object as completely as possible, not restricting the description to those topics that have been documented in earlier studies. The object of study differs from all earlier studied objects.


The goal of the study is to describe its exceptional character which existing theories are unable to portray. In the light of existing theories the object of study appears as an inexplicable anomaly. Phenomenological pursuit into deep understanding and distrust on earlier descriptions and explanations.

Exploratory research means that hardly anything is known about the matter at the outset of the project. You then have to begin with a rather vague impression of what you should study, and it is also impossible to make a detailed work plan in advance.

The gradual process of accumulating intelligence about the object of study means also that it will be impossible to start by defining the concepts of study. You have to start with a preliminary notion of your object of study, and of its context. During the exploratory research project, these provisional concepts then gradually gain precision.

In the absence of tried models and definite concepts you must start the exploratory study from what you have: It is common that in the beginning of exploratory study you will take a holistic look at the objects.

It means that you start by gathering as much information about the objects as possible, and postpone the task of cutting away unnecessary data until you get a better picture about what is necessary. Any object can be looked at from several different viewpoints, either from the angles of various established sciences or just from miscellaneous practical points of view.

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As soon as possible, you should specify the viewpoint of your study and explain how you understand or "take" the object. This does not mean that you have to to start your work by clarifying the essence of your object of study, i. Instead, you should try to contemplate and clarify how you see the object: The method of alternating point of view like in the diagram above can even be used as a research method.

It is especially suited to an explorative researcher working alone.

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It will deepen his understanding and can sometimes reveal valuable new aspects to the topic, cf.Define case-by-case. case-by-case synonyms, case-by-case pronunciation, case-by-case translation, English dictionary definition of case-by-case. adj considering each case individually rather than considering several cases together as a whole Adj.

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A Case Of Wrongful Dismissal James is a computer programmer at Mega- Bytes Ltd and has worked for them over the last twelve years; he was dismissed without any notice. His supervisor has claimed that James was incompetent and useless.

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MGMT October 3, - Case Study: Is Hiring on the Basis of Looks Justified or Discriminatory? 1. What are the legal and ethical issues in this case?

Basis of the case study

The legal and ethical issues in this case was the A&F was discrimination again people that was not white. They was only hiring white people and not give the other race a chance and if the did hire them they would have them working, night.

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