Agnes martin analyzing play

From the beginning of his career, Godard included more film references into his movies than did any of his New Wave colleagues.

Agnes martin analyzing play

Agnes martin analyzing play

Students will learn to analyze texts; develop a significant and focused controlling idea; construct well-organized paragraphs to advance the argument or narrative; use sources effectively; and write and speak with clarity, creativity, and eloquence.

They will write and revise frequently and will receive regular commentary on their writing. Emphasis on forms of academic discourse, revision and research writing. Students will write several kinds of academic essays using topics of their devising. The mechanics of effective revision will be the focus of the course.

For level literature courses, the prerequisite is ENG or the equivalent, including exemption. For level literature courses, the prerequisite is any level English course literature or creative writing or permission of chair.

The course covers Old English heroic tradition, chivalric romance, medieval satire, medieval and renaissance lyric and drama, and the early modern epic.

Nineteenth-century literature is represented by several Romantic and Victorian poets as well as a novel by Dickens.

The course concludes with a unit on Modernism and samples of postcolonial literature. This course is a chronological survey of American literature from its beginnings to the turn of the twentieth century with an emphasis on the formation of a national identity and literary tradition.

Canonical and non-canonical works of prose, poetry and fiction will be read in their cultural, social and historical contexts as well as through multiple critical approaches and literary theories.

Special attention will be paid to issues of race, ethnicity and gender. Approved topics listed below; topic s offered alternate years. The scope of this survey will range from literary responses to the experience of slavery to contemporary explorations of the black female presence on the global stage.

Their works will be interpreted within their historical, social, cultural and aesthetic contexts. Approved topics listed below. Will explore dynamics of domination and exploitation, nature of constructed identities, the dialectic of gender roles and relationships. Texts may include works by Henty, Marrayat, Stevenson, Haggard, Schreiner, Kipling, Conrad, and Forster, among others, as well as films and documentaries.

Through comparative analyses, we will regard how textual productions by Americans of different backgrounds understand and negotiate their participation in the development of American cultures.

Counts toward post requirement ENGB: The course focuses on writers from the s to the present but includes traditional narratives and nineteenth and early twentieth century authors.

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What does it mean to be an American writer? What cultural assumptions do we bring to our reading of literature? Gender as a central factor of analysis. Counts toward post requirement ENGA: How does sympathy affect moral judgment, skepticism, or irony?

How might sympathy with fictional characters affect real-world opinions and actions? The course will explore the implications of terms like popular, Art, pulp, crime, mystery, and detective; the approaches of popular fiction toward issues like race, gender, sexuality, ecology, and freedom of speech; and the relationship between the violence inherent in the genre and "the violence inherent in the system.

We will examine individual poets, groups like the Romantics and the Modernists, and topics across eras including love poetry and light verse. Readings present throughout the English-speaking world.

Agnes martin analyzing play

Readings include comic dramatizations of unlikely subjects such as the fall of Lucifer and the birth of Christ; pastoral and city comedies of the Renaissance; racy, witty plays of the late seventeenth-century; both sentimental and laughing comedies of the eighteenth-century; late nineteenth-century playwrights Wilde and Shaw; and modern variations on the comic by Beckett, Pinter, and Churchill.

Situating texts into frames of literary, social, and cultural representations of queerness, we will historicize the development of non-heteronormative sexual and gender identities in an effort to illustrate that our contemporary ideas about sexuality and LGBTQ identities are informed by various academic disciplines, cultural influences, and political ideologies.

How is English shaped by its past? Where does it get its words and its rules? Where did "standard English" come from, and whose purposes does it serve?

Who owns the language? How have social and literary movements feminism, womanism, Black Arts, gay rights resisted language authority? What forces are shaping the future of English in this country and in the world? In order to answer these questions, we will often look at the language from the viewpoints of marginalized populations.Feb 21,  · An interview with painter Agnes Martin at her studio in Taos in Nov.

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