Agile project management essay

Further Reading I vividly remember one of my first sightings of a large software project. I was taking a summer internship at a large English electronics company. My manager, part of the QA group, gave me a tour of a site and we entered a huge depressing warehouse stacked full with cubes. I was told that this project had been in development for a couple of years and was currently integrating, and had been integrating for several months.

Agile project management essay

Send out tournament announcement email to past participants Print tournament announcement letters to past participants 3. The Initial Domain Model Part of your initial modeling effortsparticularly for a business application, will likely include the development of a conceptual domain model.

This model should be very slim, capturing the main business entities and the relationships between them. Figure 1 shows this model using UML data modeling notation you can use any notation that you like when agile data modeling, I prefer UML.

The initial domain model will be used to help guide both the physical data model as well as the class design, potentially captured via a UML class diagram the class design is out of scope for this article.

The initial domain model. The only supporting documentation which I would create for this model would be a definition of the entities, information I'd be tempted to capture in a glossary.

I wouldn't bother identifying attributes for the entities at this time, this is information that is better captured in either the class schema or the database schema. Furthermore, I would draw a model such as this on a whiteboard to start out with, and would likely keep it on the whiteboard throughout the project.

My experience is that a slim domain model such as this is a valuable asset to the project team, one that should be very easy to view you should simply have to look up from your desk and view the shared whiteboards in your work roomto create whiteboards are very inclusiveand to modify. Iteration 1 There are four user stories to fulfill in this iteration: Maintain student contact information, Enroll student, Drop student, and Record payment.

Therefore we need to do the work to implement those four, and only those four requirements. The first iteration of the KSMS physical data model PDM supports the critical functionality required to run the dojo - the management of basic student data and collection of money from them.

Because we're building for a single dojo, which is nowhere near the border, we can safely assume that everyone lives in the same province. Agile data models are just barely good enough for the task at hand.

Continuous Integration

Agile developers solve today's problem today and trust that they can solve tomorrow's problem tomorrow, therefore at a later date if we need to support people living out of province then we'll add that functionality at that time. The iteration 1 PDM. All database changes are made in parallel to required code changes.

My development partner, Beverley, and I worked together to evolve both the Java code and the database schema.

It isn't enough to take an evolutionary approach to your database design, you also need to take a collaborative approach. We worked together, often pair programmingon the entire system.

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I generally took the lead on the database work and she generally took the lead on the Java work but the critical point is that we worked together to get the application built.

One of us didn't design what needed to be done and hand it off to the other, a serial approach which risks communication errors. Nor did we go our separate ways and each do our own part of the work, a parallel approach which risks double work both of us would have explored the same schema issues, her from an object point of view and me from the data point of view and incompatible work we could have easily made different schema design decisions.

Although the topic of this essay on agile data modeling, hence I will focus on AMDD concepts, it is important to recognize the importance of agile testing strategies in agile approaches.

Agile project management essay

Regression testing is a critical success factor for evolutionary development; without a full regression test suite in place you can't safely evolve your work, including your database schema. Many agilists take a TDD-based approach to implementation where they write unit tests before they write their actual code.

You can do this for both your object source code as well as for your database schema code DDL, stored procs, You can take any key strategy and use any notation that you like when agile data modeling. We've chosen to keep the key strategy simple, using surrogate values called persistent object identifiers POIDs which are unique across all records within the database.

We could have used natural keys for many tables, or even just surrogate values unique only within each table, but POIDs seem to work incredibly well. Iteration 2 There are four user stories to implement during this iteration: Promote student to higher belt, Invite student to grading, Email membership to student, and Print membership for student.

Agile project management essay

This functionality has no significant overlap with the existing data model and as you can see in Figure 3 the changes were fairly straightforward. The Belt table and the Student. BeltOID column were added to support the ability to track which belt a student currently has.

We also added the Person.

The New Methodology

EmailAddress column so we can email membership information to students and the Student. The iteration 2 PDM.

We could have added the EmailAddress column to Student instead of Person, but we're already joining these two tables to obtain student information and email addresses aren't just applicable to students alone.

Are we overbuilding the system? Not really, because the application code is only using email addresses within the context of students which is exactly what the requirements call for.

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However, just because we don't want to overbuild my software doesn't mean we need to be stupid about the way that we model the data has been an NCCRS member since October The mission of is to make education accessible to everyone, everywhere.

Students can save on their education by taking the online, self-paced courses and earn widely transferable college credit recommendations for a fraction of the cost of a traditional course. Agile methods usually endorse a well-organized project management process that promotes many inspection and adaptation.

It endorses a leadership philosophy that encourages teamwork, self-organization and accountability, a set of engineering best practices intended to allow for rapid delivery of high-quality software, and a business .

Project planning is very essential in managing a project and will be discussed in detail specifically in traditional and agile project management which is the two major project management approaches.

Critical analysis of these two approaches in respect to project planning will be given. Contrary to popular belief, architecture is an important aspect of agile software development efforts, just like traditional efforts, and is a critical part of scaling agile approaches to meet the real-world needs of modern organizations.

Project Management: A Project Manager - Project management is an industry that is growing, and the demand for individuals that have this type of knowledge is high.

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