A description of vane shear test

Introduction to Soil Behavior. Open only to the students in bridge program.

A description of vane shear test

The use of stone protection is recommended over concrete riprap due to its flexible nature. Concrete riprap, due to its rigidity, masks problems.

Consequently, voids can form under them and eventually undermine the pavement or approach slab. Stone protection needs to be designed for the conditions that exist at the bridge. Experience, Selection, and Guidance see Volume 2 for guidance on design. Upon completing the design, the appropriate D50 will be determined.

John A. Reif, Jr. Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

This value should then be compared to the tables in Item — Riprap to determine the appropriate size of the stone protection. Once the appropriate size of the stone protection has been identified then the appropriate thickness of the stone protection needs to be determined.

The thickness is a function of the conditions where the stone protection is being used. However, a general rule of thumb is that the thickness needs to be equal to or larger than 1. If one compares the range of the D50 values for the various sizes listed in table 2 of Item and then multiplies by these by 2 one will obtain approximately 1.

In the plans Stone Protection should be listed as follows: Riprap Stone Protection XX in.This document downloaded from. yunusemremert.com since , your source for engineering information for the deep foundation and marine construction industries, and the historical site for Vulcan Iron Works Inc. Use subject to the “fine print” to the right.

(a) testing instruments for paint, printing ink, powder coating, adhesive, resin, thinner, pigment, varnish, surface coating, etc. Yield stress fluids are encountered in a wide range of applications: toothpastes, cements, mortars, foams, muds, mayonnaise, etc. The fundamental character of these fluids is that they are able to flow (i.e., deform indefinitely) only if they are submitted to a stress above some critical value.

Three (3) vane sizes allow for the direct determination of un-drained shear strength of soft to stiff clays.

The peak vane value is determined by a calibrated scale ring built into the head assembly. The cross handle is used both to push the vane to the desired test depth and apply the shearing torque.

A description of vane shear test

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Spring-operated penetrometer is used to measure compressive strength of soil by pushing a ground and polished 1/4" diameter loading piston into soil to a depth of".

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