14 6 bomb blast

Email Two men left a homemade bomb inside a restaurant in the Canadian town of Mississaugua on Thursday night, fleeing the scene after it blew up, injuring more than a dozen people, according to police.

14 6 bomb blast

The government of Saudi Arabia follows the strict Sunni Islamic " Wahhabi movement ", which dominates religious institutions, courts and education of the kingdom and believes that Shia Muslims are not true Muslims; thus Shia have alleged severe discrimination in Saudi Arabia.

The report alleged widespread discrimination against Saudi Shia, including restrictions in the state education system, where Shia students were forbidden from learning about their religion and told they were unbelievers by Sunni teachers.

Judges often ban Shia witnesses during trials because of their faith and bar Shia from taking jobs in government ministries or the military. Saudi Arabia was also partaking in bombings during the Yemeni civil war. In Novembereight Shia worshippers were killed by gunmen during Ashura celebrations at a shrine in the city of al-Ahsa.

Jafar Al Shayeb, a member of the Qatif municipal council, says that sectarian tensions have already risen sharply as a result of the war Saudi Arabia's new King Salman is waging against the Houthis and that divisive rhetoric from Wahhabi preachers was increasing.

He believes that the situation for Saudi Shia was about to get worse. Hours before the bombing, one imam in Riyadh was quoted as telling devout worshippers at the end of Friday prayers: The mosque suicide attack killed 23 people. Doctor Fahd bin Saad al-Majed, General Secretary of the Council of Senior ScholarsSaudi Arabia has condemned the attack and clarified that aims of terrorists to harm the unity of the Saudi people and to destabilize the kingdom, could never be successful.

Hezbollah issued a statement condemning the attack, and also saying the authorities in the kingdom bore responsibility. Saudi authorities incited against Shia citizens from the minbars pulpits of mosques and in the media," the statement says.

Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Marziyeh Afkham condemned the attack and urged the government of Saudi Arabia to arrest those involved in the incident. To share solidarity Pakistan Embassy also postponed their evening community function already scheduled on that day.

Bangladesh's Ambassador Golam Moshi condemned the attack stating that the terrible crime is unbearable and we are ready to cooperate with Saudi Arabia to maintain peace and security. Sri Lankan Ambassador Mohammad Hussein Mohammad condemned the attack, and calling for those responsible to be brought to justice.

In a statement Dr. Anwar bin Mohammed Gargash, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs reaffirmed that UAE discards all kinds of terrorism without any distinction of religious and moral values.

He also stated that "Such a heinous crime requires the international community to rally efforts to confront such cowardly acts and devious thoughts, which pay no respect to human lives and sacred places".

White House spokesman Josh Earnest condemned the attack and said, "We mourn the loss of life and condemn this violence.

The victims were buried following funeral prayers held in the Qadeeh market square on 25 May. Black flags of mourning flew in the streets of Qatif, where police mounted checkpoints while volunteers in bright yellow and orange vests inspected vehicles.

The huge rally comes despite warning by extremists that they may again launch an attack on Shia gatherings. Even women and children declared their willingness to attend in huge numbers, although they were warned to stay away from the main gathering of mourners. The bodies were carried on litters decked with flowers in a final procession towards the cemetery in Qudaih village.

ISIS quickly claimed that the latest attack had been carried out by one of their "soldiers of the Caliphate" identifying the suicide bomber as Abu Jandal alJazrawi.Oct 30,  · Victims of a bomb blast in Canada have sued a popular Indian restaurant near Toronto for damages totalling 6 million dollars, alleging that the .

Nov 14,  · Chhath mai ka.

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Baby Elephant rescued viewed with Alan Tours while on Safari at the Addo Elephant National Park. An estimated 14% to 15% of the approximately 16 million natives of Saudi Arabia are Shia Muslims, mostly living in the oil-rich areas of the Eastern Province where Qatif is located.

The government of Saudi Arabia follows the strict Sunni Islamic "Wahhabi movement", Dammam Mosque bomb blast. Nov 14,  · The Islamic State militant group claimed responsibility for a suicide blast and a roadside bombing that targeted Shiites in Baghdad on Friday, killing 26 people and wounding dozens.

On 14 October , a massive blast caused by a truck bombing in Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia, killed at least people and injured The truck was detonated after it was stopped; the actual target of the attack is believed to have been a secure compound housing international agencies and troops.

14 6 bomb blast

2 days ago · My heart goes out to victims of the Amritsar bomb blast and their families My govt will give Rs 5 lakh to the kin of each of the dead and free treatment to the injured.

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